Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm baaaack!

My Red Queen costume from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, due out next year......

So I was m.i.a. when it comes to writing on this blog for a while (I've still been silently reading). I'm not sure why. I guess part of me just didn't feel like it and part of me didn't think I had anything to write about. I don't really feel like writing part 2 of the wedding. I was a little disappointd with some things and really can barely remember a lot of the actual wedding to write about it. I still haven't gotten the video either. Maybe as a Christmas present...... Don't get me wrong, I loved our wedding, but I've come to realize that even though it was a big day, I'll have even bigger and better days in my life ahead. And why does everyone ask "So how's married life?" If anything changes in your relationship (unless you weren't living together before) then you have a problem. My relationship is the same aweomeness that it was before we threw a big, expensive, stressful, wonderful party and signed a piece of paper. Anyways, I did go change my name, which made it seem more official. Now we can file jointly on our taxes. Woohoo, exciting!

What else has been happening in my world. My assistant manager had back surgery, and will hopefully be coming back next week *fingers crossed* He's been out for about a month and a half and work has been a roller coaster. I basically work evenings and weekends, which means I hardly see my hubby. Hopefully that will change soon!!!!!

I threw a baby shower for Amanda. It wasn't just a run of the mill pink and ribbon-filled baby shower though, it was a Halloween themed baby shower! We had apple cider and fun cupcakes and lots of Halloween decorations. She got almost all the big important items she needs, so I'd say it was pretty successful.

I also found out that my husband HATES Halloween! How can that be?!? It's my favorie holiday! He had a bit of a breakdown the day of. Apparently growing up he always hated it but was always forced to participate. Luckily he's still understanding and said that he loves watching me go ape-shit decorating the house and making my costume. He just won't be doing the same.

Speaking of costumes, mine turned out awesome! I just didn't get to show it off as much as I wanted to. So the plan is to make some improvements on it and wear it again. Besides, the movie doesn't even come out till next year and maybe I'll be able to find some more stuff to add.
I went to the lady doctor yesterday to get my next Depo shot. I love Depo because
1. I don't have to think about it except every 3 months
2. It's less expensive
3. It works
4. No period (which was freaky at first but wonderful later)
BUT it also comes with weight gain and an inability to lose said weight as well as bone density depletion (which can be couterbalanced by taking calcium supplements). I thought I'd be ok with a little weight gain, but then I gained about 60 lbs. Not cool. Then before the wedding, I tried working my butt off with maybe only losing 10-20 lbs, to be gained back shortly after. Some of the gain was stress. Some of it was me just saying"Fuck it!" But either way, I CAN"T SEEM TO LOSE IT! So I talked to the doc and may be starting something else soon so that I can lose some weight and get my body in better shape to make some babies in the next couple years. I don't want my period back, but I rather get skinny again.
I think I'm done for now. Next time I'll talk about what I'm recently obsessed with.......
OOOH, and New Moon is coming soon!!!!!!!!

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