Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm not going to post part 2 of the wedding today because I'm so freaking mad! (I promise I'll post soon, if I ever get a day off again) Recently I hired a person I'd call a friend. He's more of a friend to Ringo, but I met him when Ringo and I first got together. Today he quit so he can go on a trip with his girlfriend, knowing that the other part-time employee is currently on vacation. So I get to work on my day off instead of going to take our postponed wedding photos. That and I have to go through the hiring process again, which is grueling. Everyone wants a job, but no one wants to work. I mostly just feel betrayed. I feel like since he started he's tried to take advantage of the fact we are friends too many times. He probably wouldn't have worked out here in the long run, but I didn't think he would quit when we needed him most. This also makes me look like an as to my boss, or at least I feel that way. I recommended him even though my boss had the final word on who we hired. Ugh.


  1. Oh geez. I didn't realize he was such a flake.

    Sorry lady.

  2. i have found it best to keep friends and work seperate.

  3. What a dissapointment! I agree, it's best to not hire friends or family. Athough, how sad that you can't trust a friend to be there in a time of need!