Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ahhhhhh. The Wedding, Part 1

It's all over! Well, my new life as a wife has just begun, and it's prety swell so far. The wedding is over though, an it went by in a blur! Lukily we had it filmed. I hope we get the film soon, and of course I'll post it for all to see when I do.

I feel so free and kind of lost. The past 6 months plus has been a crazy whirlwind of planning and making stuff. I have plenty of things to do with my time as always, but it definietly feels wierd. All I know is that I am elated to be Ringo's wife! He's such a great man and I love him unconditionally.

I guess I'm going to back up to the bachelorette party. Last Sat, Amanda and I had a great time being silly blowing up baloons and turning our fingers purple pitting cherries. The girls started showing up at 9 or so and we all got started right away on the cherry mojito's. It was very tasty, with or without vodka. Martha Stewart knows how to make a cocktail! (I recommend looking up cherry mojito's on her site) We painted skull masks and chatted about boys and wieners. Then the boys "crashed" the party and helped us eat the food and drink the beer. We played Taboo until the wee hours of the morning and it was a blast! Ringo and his party had been to the strip club for the lunch special (word of the day was "loosemeat") and then mini golf where there were beer vending machines! We're so going there for our next date! It was a good time had by all!

This past Thursday was shopping day for all food items we were in charge of. Lisa, Amanda and I went shopping and talked about penises some more and had a good time. It was an exhausting day. I had a little more to do for the wedding and time was running out. Plus the DJ decided last minute that he wanted us to burn him cd's of the music instead of just providing a list for him as previously agreed upon. I have more to gripe about that but i'm not gunna.

Friday was the day to go set up the hall. We loaded up the car and got started. When we arrived at the hall, we noticed that HALF of the parking lot was torn out! We solved the problem, but it was still a headache. Of course, I forgot my direction sheet and diagrams, so I was pulled in every direction when it came to decorating the hall. It was chaotic, but turned out nicely. I only yelled once. The whole wedding party was there and a few others to help and I was grateful! I definitely have a great group of friends and family that helped us and suppored us all the way! We couldn't have done it without them. Thank you guys!

The film crew also came out and filmed us decorating and then interviewed Adri (the Best Man) Ringo and I. I'm a little nervous about watching that part. I wasn't prepared for the questions and I'm not good on the fly. Thank God for editing.

After the decorating we all went to Prosperity and had dinner with Ringo's parents. It was a beautiful evening and felt really good to relax and know that by that time the next day, I'd be married!

I slept like a baby Friday night. I wasn't nervous at all and I was so exhaustd from the past couple of days, let alone the past few months, I had no trouble sleeping. We got up and Ringo took Mondo to doggy day care and I made coffee and chilled. The only thing I was woried about was the weather. They were calling for severe thunderstorms, hail and high winds. Perfect. So we had to cancel the morning photo shoot and pics with Grandma, but we are going to do that another weekend, and that means I get to dress up in my wedding dress again! I cut Ringo's hair and then showered just in time for Amanda to come over and help me get ready. The film crew came over too and filmed all of us gettng ready. That was a little nerve racking, but Amanda kept me talking. Finally we were all ready and I got to come down he stairs for my big reveal to my soon to be husband! When I got down there, there was a huge package waiting too. After the oohs and aaah's, (I did look pretty damn hot, thanks Amanda!) Ringo explained that his cousins came over and droped off this gift. It was a pallet of PBR Tallboys! How cool are my new cousins!

Next it was time to get to the hall and maybe take some pictures. Unfortnately it was too windy and time was flying by. So I just got a beer an tried not to get too caught up in all the comotion of preperation.

That's all for now. My fingers are going to fall off and I need to go visit my Aunt while she's in town. More to come later..........

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  1. You looked better than hot. You looked gorgeous.

    I'd take all the credit if I could, but I had such wonderful material to work with it was easy!!!