Friday, June 26, 2009

29 days to go....

We're now under the month mark. I keep saying out loud but I don't think it's sunk in yet. I'm still feeling calm. Hopefully I stay that way. I think with all of the drama surrounding the wedding and outside of the wedding that's happened in the past 6 months, as long as all the important people show up, I don't care what else happens. I just can't wait to be Ringo's wife. I don't want to use the word fiance anymore!
I'm already feeling the pressure to start a family though. I have one friend who just had her second kid, and two other friends that are knocked up, as well as many other people we know that have small children. I was planning on waiting at least a year after we're married to start planning, and we probably still will, but I'm feeling the pressure nonetheless.


  1. Since I turned 30, I feel the pressure. We're always on the same wave. It's nice to have someone else out there feeling the same things.

  2. i dont think that just because you get married that means that you have to start a family right away. you should do what you want to do. if you want to have kids right away then have them, if not then dont. personally, dani and i have been married for 5 years and yes we talk about having children, but we're also enjoying our life with one another with our freedom (u know what i mean).

  3. Hey there - just wanted to drop in and put a word out to any of you bachelorettes out there who got an invitation...I forgot to put an RSVP on them!!! (I blame it on an ice cream high at the time we made them.)

    You can RSVP to or let Marie know you're coming; whatever is easiest for ya. Thanks all!!!