Wednesday, June 24, 2009

32 days to go...

I just made a list of things we still have to pay for/buy. Ugh. This wedding is costing us way more than I thought it would. I could've probably paid off my debt with all the money we've spent! It'll be worth it in the end. I'll have had a kick-ass wedding with all of my favorite people! (and maybe there'll be some cards with cash in them at the wedding)

Hopefully I'll sell my old car soon! I'm selling my Kia on craigslist. I have 2 people interested, but one is asking me to do a trade (an Acer notebook) with her. I'm not sure if I should trust this. I need the cash, but I've also been putting off buying myself a laptop for years. Gotta talk to the pre-hubby about it first.

We're also planning a yard sale after the wedding to sell anything that we've replaced or don't need anymore. Even though we got a much bigger place, we need to try to live a more clutter free life! Though with the forgotten expenses, maybe we should do the sale before. Yeah, like i need to plan something else!

Oh! I almost forgot. My soon to be sister-in-law called us the other day. She and some of her colleagues are shooting a documentary in Detroit the day after the wedding. She wanted to know if we wanted them to film the wedding for us! Kick-ass! We went from having no one film the wedding to professionals! Hopefully it doesn't make me nervous and I can forget about the camera being there!

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  1. 32 days??? You have to be freaking out. But HOORAY FOR YOU!!! We have 87 days to go and I know I'M freaking out about how much there is left to do. We're going to be brides soon. AMAZING!