Thursday, May 21, 2009

So I'm having a minor crisis when it comes to the invitations. I bought a set really cheap and the design on them is a fern leaf. It's not exactly my style so I decided I could come up with a design and cover it up. This is proving to be a real challenge. Initially I wanted a tattoo style heart with banner with "True Love" inside. Then I couldn't find anything I liked that I could make small enough without the image getting blurry. I'm not much of an artist when it comes to drawing, so that was out. Then I turned to the fiance for advice and he said he'd design something for me. It turned out great except it wasn't very wedding-y. It was more horror movie, but I love it anyways and decided I'd make it work. Now, it's not working. I printed the image on sticker paper and cut it out and stuck it to the invites and it looks crappy. I used scrap booking scissors with a fun edge to cut them out and then stuck them to another layer of paper, cut that out with the scissors and stuck it on, and it looks crappy. My biggest problem is I need to get them in the mailbox the week of the 1st and next week I'll be packing and moving! So I basically have a couple of days to get them ready and I want to love them. I might have to ditch the design and use pre-made stickers and this cute stamp I bought. Ringo thought the invites were fine, but he's a boy, what does he know. I'm running out of ideas and really regretting not spending a little more to have ones i like printed. But now I'm running out of time and money........


  1. Deep breaths. Everything works out somehow!

  2. Thank you. I totally figured it out and it was the easiest solution that I should've thought of first!