Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a lot of catching up to do...

Whew! Life has been uber crazy lately! I guess I'll start with my bridal shower. My mom and sister threw it for me at their church hall. It was cute and they definitely worked really hard. I didn't invite a lot of people because i really didn't know how all of this crap works, so I ended up hurting some feelings. Also, my Maid of Honor didn't show up. I was not happy explaining to everyone that my friend Amanda that was sitting next to me wasn't my MOH, just a friend showing moral support. All in all though, it went well. We got lots of great gifts, and no doubles! I also got a new sewing machine! Now I really feel the pressure to make my dress instead of buy one. I'm going shopping with my mom and sister Saturday. Wish me luck!

We moved all of last week. OMG, I hope that is the last time we move for years! Like at least 5. Then we're hiring people to do it for us! We have sooo much stuff! After the wedding though, we plan on having a yard sale to hopefully clear away the clutter and make a few bucks. And let me just add that the people that work at the Gas co. are complete assholes! I fucking hate dealing with them!

I got the invites in the mail yesterday! We ended up having to cut the list a bit and invite some people to the reception only because we were running out of room. I think people will understand though. If not they can kiss my grits.

Other than that it's just been, stress + hard work + little sleep= a cranky me! I've got 2 friends that just ended their relationships and one that just got a big life-changing surprise. It's all crazy and more things that are taking up space in my already full head! Hopefully the man and I can take some sort of honeymoon weekend so we can decompress. It's just not in the budget right now, so we'll see. sigh.

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