Tuesday, May 12, 2009

75 days to go!

I started this blog with the intention of writing about my crafts and Etsy site, but since I started planning the wedding, it's taken over my life! I did make something recently. I was feeling like getting crafty but i just couldn't bring myself to make something for the wedding, so i made this little guy. He's the size of a Zippo. I'm in love with him. So cute.

Anyways, I'm getting more done for the wedding every day. I still have one dilemma to take care of. I'm not going into that though. My bridal shower is this weekend. I didn't have my mom invite a lot of people, but maybe should have because now it seems that not a lot of the people i invited are showing up. I'm not really looking forward to opening presents in front of everyone and i hope i don't have to give too many details about the wedding, because i want there to be surprises.
Though here's a sneak peek at the fabric flowers for the bridal party and parents:
We get the keys to our new place on the 23rd! I can't wait to get away from all the crazy neighbors and their barking dogs! Hopefully even though moving is stressful, this one will be easy. Ringo is in charge of everything. I'll probably be helping too but as soon as we're in, the sewing room is getting set up and it's back to the wedding grind. I don't even care if everything is still in boxes until after the wedding! I'm hoping I have everything done by July 1st with the exception of the place settings. HA. We'll see....

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