Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So as much as I think I've got done for the wedding, I have sooo much more to do. A lot of it is buying items for dinner, so I can't really do that until right before, that and I'm running out of room to store everything. I need to order my fabric for my dress, go try on some dresses to see what style is going to look best on me, and start drafting the pattern and making a muslin copy. I bought a pattern a while ago but now I'm thinking it's not going to look as good as I hoped, but I can probably alter it so that it does. I've got a lot of things to make, and I have plenty of time to make them if I work a little every night, but I've been reading a lot and putting it off. I'm bad. I'm going to go reevaluate my list.....

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