Monday, March 30, 2009

I love working retail, but most times I loathe it. Every day brings a new annoyance. Every day brings a new hatred for the majority of the human race. I try to stay positive, but it's really easy to get jaded when you work with the public. My newest pet peeve is people that come in the store and want to purchase something, they come up to the desk and hold out the item and say, "Can I buy this?" Now I know it seems like a harmless question, but you are in a store full of things you buy, so why ask? Just put the item on the counter and I will ring it up. You pay for it, and, oh, you just bought it! I could probably write for hours on my pet peeves of the human race when it comes to working retail, but I really don't feel it's necessary. Though one day I may just have to make a list of all of the annoying crap that goes on in this store. My favorite is the tally I have of how many people run into the automatic doors. Yeah. It's a lot.

Did you know that Wet Naps (or moist towelette) could go bad? Not as in drying up, but getting musty. I was at work yesterday and needed to wash my hands, but seeing as I was by myself and every redneck, teenager, and uppity family in the Cleveland area decided to come to my store, I couldn't go to the bathroom. So I found a Wet Nap in the break room and used it. My hands then smelled like a dirty dishrag, or my ex-roommate Nichole. It was gross.

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