Monday, March 23, 2009

I guess I haven't posted in a bit. It's been kind of crazy over here lately. The boss is coming back from his Bali trip soon, which means more craziness. We're getting really tired of our apartment but don't really have the gusto to look for a new one either. Plus, we can't really afford to move anytime soon with the wedding coming up and Ringo hasn't worked going on 4 weeks now. He did some side work, but hasn't really been paid yet. :(

The lunch with the moms and friends planning the menu for the wedding went pretty well. Some personalities came out that I wasn't expecting, well, one did anyways, but I'm not going to say who. Anyways, the menu is set and the food is going to rock! I got some of the decorations and had to come up with an alternative for the rest. I think it will be better in the end though. The only thing that sucks, but can be mostly remedied, is that the chairs in the hall are mauve! Mauve! Ugh! And the trim on the recessed ceiling is pink and mint green. The decorations I have are mostly red. If we dim the lights, you can't see the pink and green too much, and if i have enough money left over, i'm going to get chair covers. If not, I'll have to hope I don't care in the end. I still have to find a place to rent linens or buy cheap table covers. I also still have to order the fabric for my dress. I have the pattern and the adjustments to the pattern mostly figured out. I have most of my accessories and my shoes. I still need to make my birdcage veil and I'm working on making a fabric flower bouquet for myself and the girls, as well as bouts for the guys. The crafty part is fun at least. It makes me more excited about everything knowing that these touches will reflect our craftiness in the celebration. Oh, and I have the band booked! We still have to come up with more music for the DJ for the ceremony and all that, but that shouldn't take long. So much to do and time is flying by!

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