Friday, March 6, 2009

So the car is fine for now. It was just the battery. Even though it was replaced last year, it as replaced by the KIA people, so I should've known it wasn't going to last long. I think I still have a fuel problem, but it'll have to wait till Ringo's job picks up. (If anyone needs any painting done in their house, call Patton Painting!)

I got the shoes I ordered in the mail today! I'm excited about them. I still have to give them a test run when my feet aren't hurting from standing all day. I just have to find the right fabric now. It's really hard to find a silver fabric on the darker side that would be appropriate for a wedding dress! I may have to re-think my plan........

The band is almost confirmed. I still have to order linens and table settings, but we didn't get to see the hall and the tables yet, so that's next. Sunday actually. We're going to the hall then to meet the MOH, the mom's, Adri, Lisa and her mom for lunch and discuss the menu. I'm hoping it goes well.

Tonight should be fun. We're going to the Spit for the inauguration of the Spitfire President and his cabinet members. Our officiant, Kevin, has received a new position as the Spitfire chaplain. It will be a TFK event for sure!

Happy weekend!

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