Saturday, February 21, 2009

Banned from the Beachland

So I feel old now when I go to shows. There are always a lot of under age kids that tend to cause trouble. Nothing wrong with that except when us old folk get blamed for the situation even though we're trying to help out. Let me explain that a little better....

Ringo grew up on Coventry. He went to lots of shows in the pit and so forth. So have many of our friends. We expect when we go to a show that a fight might break out or somthing will get out of hand. Back then, we took care of the situations ourselves. Ringo can usually bounce someone out of the door without fighting or causing more trouble and the people working the club are thankful.

Last night however, some kid was in the pit and came at Ringo or one of our buddies (It all happened so fast I'm not sure who). Ringo grabbed the kid by his collar and belt and started escorting the guy out as he's trying to fight everyone around him (our friends). There was this off-duty dyke cop that was too scared to get in the mix so she just pulled out her tazer and started aiming. I was being pushed out by the crowd because I had been standing behind everyone when this happened. After Ringo got the guy out the door, this broad wouldn't let Ringo and Dan back in, saying they were causing the problem. So I went outside and tried to tell her that he was just helping when she threatened to taze me. She got in my face and put it up to my throat. I told her to go ahead knowing if she did, I wasn't in the wrong. Hell I wasn't even yelling at her or anything. So of course this pissed Ringo off, before this he and I were just trying to explain what happened. But that set him off and he got in her face. Words were exchanged but I don't remember exactly what was said. Something about her being power-hungry and a dyke and Ringo spat at her. She just told us to get off her property and we went across the street to call our friends that were still inside. As soon as they came out and she saw that they were with us, all of a sudden they were being told that they had the cops called on them because supposedly Jeremy punched someone, even though he didn't. So we left and passed the police as they arrived and went back to Jeremy's to get the stories straight and vent and drink some more. I know I won't be going back there no matter who's playing up there. Fuck that bitch. Fuck that place.

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  1. awesome that the cops came that fast for that, but when shoparooni got broken into (twice) they were all off doing jack-shit. or when steve and i saw some guy driving WAAAAAAY drunk down waterloo and called the cops, and then waited for like half an hour, NOTHING!
    i hate the beachland. i hate that neighborhood. i have to go there tonight, too, cause ryan's playing. and come to think of it - the last time he played there, the fucker that works behind the bar gave me shit the minute we walked in, and then ended up in a screaming match with ryan.
    oooo, i hate the beachland. blehhh!