Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things are going well in my quest to plan my wedding. Adri has been helping me a lot as well as CJ, Lisa G. and her mom. I got a place booked. Well, sort of booked. We have it reserved and we're going to look at it and place the deposit Sunday. I got my wedding ring in the mail yesterday. It rocks! Things are coming together now that I have a place. I found invites super cheap that I only have to get a little crafty with after I print them out. I sent out most of the save the date cards, mostly to family. We're still pairing down the guest list when it comes to friends because there's the whole budget thing. We're getting the food made by family and friends and will be planning that shortly. My mom is planning the bridal shower. I still have to find fabric for my dress and get my sewing machine repaired. It's all cake from here, I hope!

On the other hand. My best friend and Maid of Honor's mother passed away recently. It is very sad and I really don't know what to say to her. I'm really bad with things like that.

My car is ready to die too. Like any minute now. Ringo's mom told me she'd be giving me her car as soon as she gets a new one, but I'm not sure how soon that'll be. I'll just have to figure out the bus schedule if necessary.

We're thinking about moving, again. our neighbors are driving us crazy and the roof is bad and we keep getting water in our apartment. The landlord says he can't fix it till spring, but he never fixed the leak we had last spring, so I doubt he will. We're just fed up with the place. The place we're looking at has people we know living right next to us. It's also cheaper and the landlord lives below so he can't get out of fixing things, which I hear he's pretty fast at. The only thing I'm worried about is that Mondo will mark all over the place. Apparently the people that lived there before never let their dogs out and I'm sure they pissed everywhere. Eve with a good shampooing of the carpet, Mondo will still be able to smell that. The place is bigger too, and we definitely need a bigger boat!


  1. when i got married that second time that didn't work out, we were on a MAJOR budget. it was amazing how much money could be saved by doing certain things this way or that. i should send you some of the things we did to save pennies. i think the entire wedding, including food, cupcakes, booze, rental chairs/tables, my dress and boots, his suit and shoes, PLUS the honeymoon, which we also brought 2 friends along on, all cost around three grand. not bad at all, really. i think we had about 70 guests or so, too.
    anyhow, i can give you some suggestions if you want. i doubt my bad marrying luck will jinx you. hehe. ;)

    ps - it was so nice to see you the other morning, despite it being such a sad event...

  2. Do you think using disposable dinnerware (plates, cups, silverware) would be chintzy? It would save us about $250 but I'm not sure about it.