Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So to start on a new path of blogging, I thought I'd share what I picked up at Borders using my Gift Card from my lovely sister:
I don't know why it's sideways, I can't figure out how to fix it.
I can't wait to start making these little guys! I'm not sure that it would be legal, or even morally right to make and sell them, but I may make some similar ones that I can sell. Zombies are hot right now! I've always loved zombies. In a way I'm glad that they are popular. I sold a pair of my zombie severed hand earrings yesterday as a result! And I was able to pick up that rad book. But I've always had places to get zombie stuff.

Which brings me to re-cap my birthday weekend. Friday I worked and then we went to my husbands co-workers house for a fire. It was nice to be outside in from of the fire on a chilly night. The fire pit was in the middle of the hanging branches of a weeping willow. It was beautiful. It felt like being in a secret garden, with fire and beer.
Saturday I had to work 11am to 9pm so that was crappy, but my employees/friends surprised me with a birthday cheese danish and fresh roasted coffee from Phoenix! They even had candles and sang! I couldn't ask for better people to work with! When I got home my husband surprised me with a card and gift. He wasn't supposed to get me anything since he bought me a pair of boots for an early present a month ago. The card is hilarious I got (kinda as a joke):

My first real concert was Weird Al back when I was a kid. The first song on it is Eat It. Awesome.
Anyways I pretty much crashed on the couch after that. It was a long day and I couldn't muster up the energy to go out. Which was good because then I woke up early and sober to go to Cinema Wasteland! I love this horror movie convention so much. I started going on the very first one and this show marked the 10 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been that long! I haven't gone to all of them, and I don't have all good memories of going either. I've had some really great times at this show and my husband and I intend on making more memories there for years to come. I may even have my 30Th b-day party there next year since it always falls on my birthday weekend. We got some pretty cool stuff too:

To put on our wall of Signs.

Signed by Tom Sullivan who did the special effects for the first Evil Dead. He also signed my Evil Dead back patch.
After the convention, we headed to the nearby mall to get some lunch and then wandered around the mall for a bit. We didn't go into a single store. It's been a long time I went to the mall and that trip reminded me why. AND, the bookstore is gone! What the hell! Do people in Strongsville not read?
Later that night we walked to Now That's Class to see Agnostic Front. We stopped by Amanda's on the way to say hi to her and Layla. It was good to see them if even only for a few minutes. At the show I drank too much beer and almost got my glasses broken, but it was a good time. I woke up around noon the next day (my birthday) a little hung over. I played around on the computer, drank coffee, ate some scrambled eggs and showered around 3. It was great. My husband came home early but needed a nap. He was coming down with a cold, so I went out to get some food to make dinner and stopped by the bookstore. I got another book as well as the felties book.

All in all it was a great weekend!

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