Friday, January 8, 2010

day 8

So the eating healthy goal is going pretty well so far. We'll see what temptations the weekend brings though.
Tonight is a white elephant party and god knows what kind of food will be there. Tomorrow I work all day, so I need to bring food so I don't go buy something delicious and bad. I need to make sure I do some moving around, otherwise I'll be sitting for 10 hours. Tomorrow night we're going to the PBR Art show at the Roc Bar. I made a cute hair clip to wear that's a red flower with a PBR bottle cap in the center.
No other crafting this week so far because I desperately need to re-organise my sewing room.
I have been reading a new book I got this week called Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. So far it's awesome! It's a steampunk, zombie-filled adventure. Or so it says on the cover. I haven't met any zombies yet but there has been mention of them. Can't wait. I've been obsessed with the whole Steampunk fashion lately! Hopefully I'll be thinner this spring so I can rock a corset dress or something cute. I really want a pair of sweet goggles but have no idea where I'd wear them. This is a great site for some fun clothing and accessories:
Etsy has some great stuff too. Drool. Not good for the whole saving money part of my goal. Another reason to clean out the sewing room, I'm sure I have lots of fun stuff to work with to make my own clothing/accessories..........

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