Friday, June 5, 2009

So I'm the bride that does everything backwards. Most women, after they get engaged, pick a date then start the search for the dress. Well for me, I have less than 2 months, after being engaged for almost a year and a half and I'm just now going shopping for a dress. I'm insane, I know. My only excuse was that I was going to make my dress and waiting till the last moment I a: work better under pressure and b: didn't want to make 800 alterations because of my weight going up and down. I may still take a stab at making the dress depending how tomorrow's shopping trip goes. I'm so exited to go try on dresses! I think that if I had gone to try on dresses and found one a year ago, the anticipation of wearing it would kill me.
I'm waiting to hear from my friend Lisa about the table arrangement for the hall. When Adri and I originally estimated the guest list and made a crude layout, I went shopping for all of the table stuff. Now I know that unless a lot of people don't show up (which I keep having nightmares about) then a lot of people will be standing for the ceremony and dinner. Not cool. So it's time to go shopping for more stuff assuming that the new layout will work. I only have a few more things to do before the wedding. So exciting! OK, probably more than few, but I'm getting close. That and I have a new person to help me TCB!

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  1. MARIE! i got my invitation, but now i need to know to who/how/where should i officially RSVP?
    and since, unofficially, i will be out of town that weekend, where can i send you a gift?

    love love love, p.