Friday, January 30, 2009

So I had a talk with Ringo about how I'm stressed about the wedding planning and I feel a bit better. We still have nothing done, but he's going to be more help than he was before. He's really the one that wants a reception with as many people we can invite. I would love to go elope somewhere and have a vacation. I want to party with all my friends and family, but I'm so not cut out for party planning. It never works out like I want it to. Most of the people I invited didn't even show up for my engagement party. Will they even show up for the wedding? I just don't have any enthusiasm right now about this. I want to get married to Ringo. I don't want all this stress and pressure that comes along with it. Any suggestions?


  1. I could give you shit about not inviting us to the engagement party but I wont *_*

    For Danielle and I, obviously our situation was a different, but we went and got married with my parents and her aunt & uncle there. we said basically if u wanna come, come. u know the whole story...about us getting married. As far as the reception went, we had it at her aunt & uncles house, in the backyard (its a decent size), rented a couple giant tents, rented tables & chairs, had the food catered buffet style, had a friend set up a nice bar and bartend (someone not super close to the family/friends so they stay focused & free), and pretty much did the djing ourselves. we have PA speakers. we did it "a laid-back outdoors" theme cuz we didnt want to have to get all dressy and it was cheaper for us. i dunno whats best for you two. i never wanted the dress and attention of a big wedding so..
    sorry if i babbled..

  2. We only really had family at the engagement party. We didn't even want one.
    We thought about a back-yard thing but with family alone, there's over 100 people and there're too close to only invite some and not others. It's all or nothing. We've got things covered at this point though.