Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 is here!

So far this first 8 days of 2009 have been full of being sick! Yet another year my immune system decides that its going to hate me just in time to start the year off! Ha. This year is better by far though. Last year I could barely get out of bed.

I decided I need to start writing in this blog every day or so, even if I have nothing interesting going on.

Day 1 -8
On New Years' Day I woke up stuffy and runny at the same time. I felt miserable until I took some Sudafed, then off we went for another Coburn dinner. It was crazy even though only half, maybe less, of the fam showed up! How Ringo has done this his 27 years without exploding is beyond me.

Basically since then I worked and bummed on the couch with the dog, being sick was my excuse for being lazy. No resolutions for me!

Not really true, I would like to lose about 35 lbs before my wedding. I also need to plan my wedding! What craziness! I started making the guest list and there's at least 100 people just family alone! WTF? How are we going to afford to feed all of those people?

I have a few ideas. 1. I'm going to have family and friends help me cook food. 2. Potluck! 3. Do appetizers and dessert only. 4. Save more money and pony up for a caterer. The caterer will be the easiest but most expensive choice, even if its only appetizers.

Finding a place is not easy either. Everyone says do the Metroparks, but I want Lost State of Franklin to play and that can't happen in the park! A VFW or American Legion hall is what we're going for. Our hookup, and also our officiant hasn't gotten back to us. I might have to get one of our friends to become an officiant or we'll have to pay someone to marry us. Very frustrating!

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