Monday, January 31, 2011

can you say STRESSED!?!

I really don't want to use this blog to vent all of the stresses and negativity in my life. I want to use this blog for just the opposite and to keep myself motivated to continue my crafting endeavors. But, today I need to rant.

I'm finally moving on from my job. This job was supposed to be a temporary job until I found something better. Then the economy took a dump and I've been stuck here for almost 3 1/2 years. It hasn't been terrible. I would actually LOVE my job if it weren't for the greedy, rude, disgusting, insensitive, controlling pig of a boss. (Man do I have stories to go with all of the words I just described him) I am the store manager, but with very limited control of the function of the store. I have many years in retail, but have not once been treated like I know what I'm talking about. I am a person that will give my all to do my job as best possible and try to make sure that the business improves because of it, even if the person I'm working for doesn't deserve it. I bust my ass and get no reward. No "thank you" or "good job" have been uttered, let alone a bonus or incentive to do my job and keep improving. I make less today than the horrid job I quit 3 1/2 years ago, and drive farther to get there. Sure I get paid, and can usually pay my bills on time, but I could prob be managing a McDonald's and be making more, with benefits and paid time off.

With all of that said, I finally got a new job, that could actually turn into a career. I will be managing a Phoenix Coffee in downtown Cleveland. I've already been working there part-time as a barista and I love it. The people are great, the hours are awesome, the company has their shit together and works like a real business should. I never knew how much I took some things for granted working for a small business owner. Phoenix is still a small business that is growing and functioning like a real corporation, minus the bullshit. The best part for me is that everyone in the company is respected and has a voice. Every employee matters. That, and I'll have nights and weekends off. I've never had that. I'll actually have time to work in my sewing room again and focus on my business! (And hopefully this blog)

In leaving this job though, there's a lot of stress. The owner is out of the country on a buying trip. So the timing isn't great. I hate to leave while he's gone, but I know that the current assistant manager will be just fine running the store while I'm gone. I'm just a phone call away. That doesn't mean though that the owner has been easy to deal with. All I know is that I hope I can get through this next couple of weeks.


  1. Look at how happy you were describing your new gig and compared to how miserable you sounded describing your current gig. I see good things ahead for you! You just need to keep your head above water for the next few weeks. YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! where downtown is it? i would LOVE to come visit you!

  3. Thank you Lacey. Phoebe, It's on E9th just past Superior.

  4. ah. not exactly "close" to me at east 17th and euclid... but do-able. if you're ever there after 4pm-ish, let me know. i'll amble over and say hi when i get off work. :)

    so happy for you!!!