Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where the hell is Spring?

Yeah, I'm a little impatient, but I miss going outside without 80 layers. Hell, I miss being inside without 80 layers on. But before I start peeling off the layers, I need to loose a few layers of fat! I made one of my goals for this year to lose weight and be more healthy. I'm doing ok, but not great. My husband has been laid off since Christmas and there has been some serious couch time on a daily basis making up for all that time I didn't get to see him this fall. BUT, both of us have no excuse to not be doing something active! We bought a Wii fit in order to keep active this winter and so far we've been too lazy to play very often. It didn't help that I had a cast on until the beginning of this month either! All the weight I lost (10lbs) I gained back during that time. So I need a kick in the ass to get moving! I found a free on-line program yesterday to help me along. So far it seems similar to Weight Watchers without the points system. Basically it helps you monitor your calorie intake, activity, weight and all that jazz. There tons of tools to help plan meals and stay motivated. Man, I sound like I'm working for these guys. I'm just excited. As long as I can keep entering my food intake, and man you'd be surprised on how many calories are in things you think are healthy, then I think this will work. That and getting off my lazy ass.

So I decided that I needed to set some goals for myself in order to keep focused. These are not the exact weeks yet, but just an idea of what goals.

*week 3, lose 10 lbs and get these sweet shoes form Iron Fist.

*lose 20 lbs by week 6 and get a new tattoo!

*lose 30 lbs by week 14 and get a spunky new hairdo. Yeah, I said spunky.

* lose 40 lbs by week 22 and start my half sleeve!

and so on..... I'll probably be rambling about this stuff from now on because it's going to have to be part of my life forever! My family is prone to gaining weight easily and if I don't get it under control now, I never will. I have enough time on my hands and no excuses right now. If I can get into a habit now, it will be easier once I have more going on in my life.

One reason for the need to lose weight other than just the health aspects is I'm tired of my knees and hips hurting. I've had joint pain in both since high school, but it has gotten way worse since gaining weight. That combined with planning a family. I want to be at a healthy weight by this time next year. More than likely we'll be trying for a baby by then and I can't carry a pregnancy to term if I can barely walk because of the pain in my knees and hips. Yeah, I'll gain weight with pregnancy and have to go through the weight loss process again, but hopefully by then I'll have established a healthy way of life and the weight won't be significant and will be easy to take off after.

Whew. I didn't mean for this to sound like I'm turning this into a weight-loss blog, but I do need to keep track of what I'm doing and what better way than on here! Ok, time to go do something active!


  1. Okay, dude, when you say that you and Pat are going to try for a kid next year, it freaks me out (I mean, in a yay! auntie! very happy for you kind of way). I always thought that Adam and I would be first...

  2. I think that's AWESOME! I'm trying to lose 15 pounds by April 20th. I've been going to Curves and keeping a "food diary". And I know EXACTLY what you're saying about losing weight before baby...I want these 15 pounds GONE. I don't want to add baby weight on top of them.