Thursday, January 21, 2010

12 days to go

I get my cast off in 12 days!!!!!! I can't wait! I itch like crazy and I can't wait till it's out of the way! For the past month or so, I'll be at work and I'll be on Etsy browsing and getting motivated to get my crafting going again (it's been too long). I'll get home and start cleaning up my sewing room and my cast gets in the way, I get frustrated, and I give up. Not to mention every time I start working out, my arm gets all swollen and I need to stop. The 2nd of February is gong to be a good day! Not only do I get my cast off, but I get to meet the newest member of TFK! I won't get to meet her the day she's born (the day before) but hopefully by the 2nd, mom will be rested and happy to see people. I can't wait to make cute baby gear! Hopefully my bio clock doesn't start ticking too loud, we're not ready till 2011. Also, Zombieland comes out on DVD and the first episode of the last season of Lost starts!!!! So excited!


  1. My bio clock is ticking. Feel free to make cute baby gear for my future spawn!

    And hooray for de-casting!


  3. We love Zombieland! a movie, on a different note, you may enjoy, Black Dynomite. it's a must see.