Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wow, we only have 86 days before the wedding! Here's where I'm at with the planning:

1. I haven't started on my dress. I have no machine right now and we're getting ready to move in a month. So the plan is to set up the sewing room as soon as we get into the new house and hopefully my machine will be fixed or I may just buy a new one. Then if I start to panic, I may order one of the dresses I found online. I'll have almost 2 months to make it before the big day, so I should be ok. I also plan to set up my workout area in the basement asap so I can lose some more weight, so waiting to make the dress will be easier than altering a bunch of times.

2. I'm almost done with the jewelry, the bouquets and boutineers, and corsages.

3. I don't have room to decorate the arch yet, but I have a plan of action.

4. I have to make the tissue poofs, unless oriental trading gets them back in stock soon.

5. I decided to buy a hair piece from Etsy because that's one more thing I don't need to make.

6. I got all of the fabric for the linens and just have to cut them to size. I got the round table cloths in the mail the other day.

7. I still have to figure out what to do with all of the cute cardinals I bought, but I may just set them on the tables. They really don't go with the whole flow of the decorations except for the color, but I thought they were cute and bought them on impulse. I may take them back.

8. I need to practice my hair. I don't plan on spending money on a hairdresser. The last few times I got my hair done for a formal event, my hair was awful. I probably just haven't found the right person yet and all of the hair people I know are coming to the wedding. It's not really in the budget anyways. Practice makes perfect.

9. All of the ideas I put on my "wedding collage" have pretty much changed except my ring. I'm too damn indecisive.

10. I got all of the gifts for the bridal and grooms party, as well as my officiant. I've been told we should buy the parents gifts too? I don't know what to do about this. We have 5 parents all together. All of them are insanely hard to buy presents for.
11. The invitations and response cards are printed. I just have to finalize the design I'm putting on them. (There was a leaf pre-printed on the invites. I bought them super cheap and figured I could cover them up.)

12. We have most of the music picked out. I need to send the list to my DJ and then make the play list on Ringo's mp3 player just in case something happens with the DJ.

13. We ended up asking Adri to be the best "man". Tony has been in the hospital since January and it doesn't look like he's going to be in good enough shape to make it here for the wedding. It makes sense for her to be in the wedding, as long as she's recovering well from having the baby.

I don't have a lot left to do but yet it feels like I do. I normally hate planning things because I don't like to have things hanging over my head that isn't in my control. I'm getting used to having too many things going on at once....I think.

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